Michael Jahncke


Please Give Me The Keys

From a July 2011 WBAY-TV Green Bay (Wisconsin) news broadcast: “(Teenagers) Sam Goudy, Paige Riley, and Arielle Lewandowski were killed June 19, 2009, when authorities say 52-year-old Steven Siebert drove the wrong way on Highway 41 in Brown County and hit their car head-on.  Authorities say Siebert, who also died in the crash, had a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit.  Sam’s parents are trying to prevent others from suffering the same loss, and they’re doing it with a message drivers will see every time they put the key in the ignition.”

Sam’s parents are Tom and Terry Goudy, and the foundation they established is ‘PLZ…GIVE THE KEYS.’  The Goudys set  up this organization with one burning desire, to keep others from ever having to experience what they and their children have gone through, and “to prevent others from being lost in such a senseless and completely preventable tragedy.”  I wrote this for them, and any profits I receive from downloads of this song will go straight their cause.

Please Give Me The Keys

I saw a small, white cross by the side of the road on our way as we drove to the bar
It was Saturday night, we were out on the town in my old friend’s brand new car
We pulled in to park so far from the bar, we walked half a mile to get in
Cause my friend don’t want a scratch on his new Cadillac, so he parks where nobody else is
He parks where nobody else is

It’s a good night all around as he puts the shots down, like he has a mind to celebrate
And I’m nursing a coke cause I already know by midnight he’ll be in no shape
We talk and we dance and we look for romance, like any old boys always do
And as often as not we don’t have much luck, as we head out by the light of the moon
As we head out by the light of the moon

When we get to his car he leans on the door, and he’s laughing out loud and I say,
“I think I should drive,” cause there in my mind is that little white cross on the way
But he started his car and he spun the wheel hard, and I watched him go speeding away
Later that night they told me he died and he took three young kids to their graves
He took three young kids to their grave

I could have been much more of a friend, I should have twisted his arm
Lord, what might have been if I’d only said, “Give me the keys to your car,
Please, give me the keys to your car.”

Copyright 2012 Wyatt Grayson.  All rights reserved.


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