Michael Jahncke


My Gypsy Girl

I wrote this in Ottawa for my own gypsy girl sometime between 2010-2011.  Maybe you know a gypsy girl, too.  She has the world for a road map, and if there’s anyway to get from one place to another, she’ll find it!  In the writing, the song was a bit softer and ballad-like, even contemplative, which had a little more intimacy.   The Nashville treatment gives the piece some nice life, brightens the mood, that I think agrees with it.  It’s about separation, but instead of being real sad (which some songs like that can be), I think this has a positive outlook in that she’s not just leaving or gone, but always coming back.


My Gypsy Girl

My gypsy girl, she don’t stay in one place for too long at a time

My gypsy girl, comes and goes like the wind in the blink of an eye

My gypsy girl, well she knows every road like the back of her hand

My gypsy girl, she’ll have more miles to go when she gets to the end



And when my gypsy girl is wandering

I count the days until she’s back again


My gypsy girl sends me cards in the mail from the ends of the earth

My gypsy girl, she slips right through my hands, she’s as free as a bird




My gypsy girl, with your hair hanging down, won’t you stay for a while?

My gypsy girl, when you’re gone I would give anything for your smile.


Copyright 2012 Wyatt Grayson.  All Rights Reserved.


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