Michael Jahncke


Ghosts Of The Dixie Highway

Dixie Highway, starting up in Michigan and running south all the way to Florida.  It used to be the grand old highway before I-75 came along.  And the Dixie runs right through the little heart of Bridgeport, Michigan, where I grew up from 1964 and eventually left in 1977.  All my junior high and high school days were there.  I worked on this song for quite a while.  As it started, the only idea I had was to express the mystical space that exists between past and present by using the imagery of ghosts.  How in our memory and experience, what we’ve done and lived remains somehow, lost but still tangible in our thoughts and feelings, like shadows and whispers no one else can see or hear, especially in old, familiar places that will never be the same.  I still go back.

Ghosts Of The Dixie Highway

I went back home for the first time in years to the place I grew up as a child
Where I had my first kiss, my first cigarette with the boys out where the trains go rolling by
Driving down past the houses and farms where my friends lived once upon a time
Now I wonder where they’ve gone, it’s been so long, still their shadows run across my mind

Not a soul could I find that I recognized, at the church I stopped to pray
That they all found peace and they found release
All the ghosts of the Dixie Highway

Coming back after all these years I try to separate the past from today
I remember when this town seemed dead and I was bound to drive myself away
Now the twists and the turns of this road have brought me back full circle and I find
What the man said is right, you can’t go home, but for all of that I had to try

Now this highway’s a lonely old road of bittersweet and endless memories
And all I left behind down the line is more and more like a dream to me

And I can’t tell you why but I nearly cried, at the church I stopped to pray
That we all find peace and we find release
All us ghosts of the Dixie Highway.

Copyright 2012 Wyatt Grayson.  All Rights Reserved.


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