Michael Jahncke



I’m pretty sure this was written in Budapest sometime in early 2001.  Ever since I heard ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ in a friend’s apartment in Bay City, Michigan, must have been sometime around 1975, I was hooked on Emmylou Harris.   There’s a tribute to her in Nashville this month and we sent this song to some folks in hopes to get it in the mix for the celebration of her life and career.  But, there’s a long line and I’m towards the back of it.  I had just hoped she could hear it.  I was trying to express in my own way how special she is.  Maybe someday.


In the green, rolling hills of West Virginia

When first I heard your heavenly voice

I followed it down to a place by the river

Where your song filled the air with a joyful noise

And over the years I have come back here, time and time again

To hear once more those sweet refrains still floating on the wind



I’m just a wayfaring stranger under a cowboy moon

As I walked along I wrote down this song, because I was thinking of you

And I’ve come too far to let it go, I had to see it through

And say that I will always love you, Emmylou


Though I only have known you from a distance

I feel I have known you just the same

In the laughter and tears of the songs I remember

That spoke to me then and have ever remained

Your angel voice is in my head and in my heart as well

Like a mother’s child I come to hear the stories that you tell


Repeat refrain


Copyright 2012 Wyatt Grayson.  All Rights Reserved.


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